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Lisa McDonald's Journey

I have known and worked closely with Debbie Badamo for the past 11 years. She has been a gift from God for not only me and my health (both mental and physical), but for both of my daughters and many of my closest friends. Debbie was referred to me by one of my closest friends when she found out that I was struggling with titrating off of an antidepressant that was supposed to be a 2 week process (per my primary care physician); however, had turned into a yearlong process for me. Through the use of Raindrop Therapy, homeopathic medications, essential oils, and weekly Reiki sessions, I was able to comfortably reduce the medication until I was completely off of the drug. After that I was sold, and with Debbie’s knowledge, guidance, and help, began one of the most remarkable journeys of my life. She continued to teach me about how emotions affect the body and mind, how what we think we become, and how, even our ancestors thoughts and emotions could affect us and hold us back in our daily life. Through the use of the Emotion Code, I have personally been able to leave many painful emotions behind me and move forward in life with, not only a much clearer path and positive outlook, but also knowing (deep in my heart) that I have averted many of the inherited diseases that were headed my way. Not only is Debbie expert in many different healing methodologies that she has been taught and perfected over the years, she herself, is a gifted healer and incredibly intuitive. Deb just knows ‘things’. I have trusted her and continue to trust her with my life and that of my children, who although are grown now, still need those occasional ‘tune-ups’ to keep moving forward in their lives. If you are lucky enough to meet and get to work with Debbie Badamo, know that you are working with a knowledgeable professional that will do everything in her power to help you heal and live the best life you can live!

Christina Heldreth's Journey

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Debbie has been my healing mentor since 2003. During our journey together I helped Debbie through a painful neck injury with Pilates, Yoga, and most valuable psoas release techniques. Since 2003 Debbie has helped my own healing journey through YoungLiving Raindrop therapy, cranial sacral massage, and emotional release. Together we have collaborated an effective system of healing that we love to share with others.

Lara's Journey

I met Debbie over 20 years ago when she was working in a local health store. Debbie has helped me manage chronic sinus problems and back pain with little or no medication. I am most grateful for Debbie’s advice and plan while I was trying to conceive a child.  Doctors told me my hormones were age appropriate and it would be “dismal” to get pregnant on my own with a 50% chance to maintain the pregnancy if I did. Debbie recommended a few supplements to me. Within 90 days, my hormones came down to a normal range, I was pregnant on my own the following month and carried full term. Today I have a happy, healthy, intelligent, high-energy child.  Debbie is the most passionate natural health care provider I have met, treating everyone from her heart and soul.


Marsha's Journey

I started using Debbie many years ago for massage. Her body work is truly amazing. She works your muscles to give you tremendous relief and incorporating the oils makes it even better.  Thru our time together we would talk about many things. Debbie's knowledge is very broad in concern to your physically and emotional well being. She has guided me in which foods to add to my diet for better health and also she had helped me with emotional stresses . I have had great success in working with her. My physical and emotional well being  have soared!!  I have to add that Debbie is one of the most compassionate and trustworthy health care person I have ever worked with. I trust her for myself as well as my children.  Her heart is always in the right place. It shows in her work and the results you get...Truly refreshing!


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